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A cross-sectional case control study on genetic damage in individuals residing in the vicinity of a mobile phone base station




"(...) The linear regression analysis further revealed daily mobile phone usage, location of residence and power density as significant predictors of genetic damage. The genetic damage evident in the participants of this study needs to be addressed against future disease-risk, which in addition to neurodegenerative disorders, may lead to cancer."

Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences


Gepubliceerd in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure.


• Children absorb more microwave radiation (MWR) than adults.
• MWR is a Class 2B (possible) carcinogen.
• The fetus is in greater danger than children from exposure to MWR.
• The legal exposure limits have remained unchanged for decades.
• Cellphone manuals warnings and the 20 cm rule for tablets/laptops violate the “normal operating position” regulation.



Computer simulation using MRI scans of children is the only possible way to determine the microwave radiation (MWR) absorbed in specific tissues in children. Children absorb more MWR than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller. MWR from wireless devices has been declared a possible human carcinogen. Children are at greater risk than adults when exposed to any carcinogen. Because the average latency time between first exposure and diagnosis of a tumor can be decades, tumors induced in children may not be diagnosed until well into adulthood. The fetus is particularly vulnerable to MWR. MWR exposure can result in degeneration of the protective myelin sheath that surrounds brain neurons. MWR-emitting toys are being sold for use by young infants and toddlers. Digital dementia has been reported in school age children. A case study has shown when cellphones are placed in teenage girls’ bras multiple primary breast cancer develop beneath where the phones are placed. MWR exposure limits have remained unchanged for 19 years. All manufacturers of smartphones have warnings which describe the minimum distance at which phone must be kept away from users in order to not exceed the present legal limits for exposure to MWR. The exposure limit for laptop computers and tablets is set when devices are tested 20 cm away from the body. Belgium, France, India and other technologically sophisticated governments are passing laws and/or issuing warnings about children's use of wireless devices.


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Potential Wireless Health Effects - Calcium Efflux


emfwise.com - Calcium Efflux


Wireless radiation has been shown to remove calcium ions from membrane surfaces. An experiment (Blackman et al) found calcium ion efflux from chick-brain tissue at certain field intensities. This calcium efflux phenomenon may have impacts in multiple systems including the neurological and cardiovascular system. For example, contractions in the heart are influenced by calcium. Neurotransmitters in the brain are also influenced by calcium.


We can further gather some insight into the importance of calcium, and the disruption that calcium efflux might have, by studying the delicate balance between Magnesium and Calcium in the body. Magnesium helps dissolve calcium and maintain calcium levels in the blood, the excess of which could effect calcification and disrupt cell function. Additionally, magnesium allows just enough calcium for electrical transmission along the nerves. Magnesium and calcium also work in opposite roles in the relaxation vs. contraction of muscles. Magnesium plays an important role as well as co-factor in chemical reactions, in the synthesis of proteins, and the the production of energy. Finally, Magnesium is also important in the detoxification process. According to The Magnesium Miracle, magnesium deficiency and calcium excess is potentially related to multiple conditions, including neurological, heart, infertility, osteoporosis, kidney stones, bowel disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, cramping, depression, and more. Perhaps some of the symptoms of microwave sickness are related to the calcium efflux effect.


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Studie in Nature: elektromagnetische velden verstoren oriëntatievermogen vogels


PubMed - "The disruptive effect of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields is not confined to a narrow frequency band and birds tested far from sources of electromagnetic noise required no screening to orient with their magnetic compass. These fully double-blinded tests document a reproducible effect of anthropogenic electromagnetic noise on the behaviour of an intact vertebrate."


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Effects of mobile phone radiation on structure and functions of rat brain


PubMed - "A significant change in behavior, i.e., more anxiety and poor learning was shown by test animals as compared to controls and sham group. A significant change in level of antioxidant enzymes and non-enzymatic antioxidants, and increase in lipid peroxidation were observed in test rats. Histological examination showed neurodegenerative cells in hippocampal sub regions and cerebral cortex.


Findings indicate extensive neurodegeneration on exposure to radio waves. Increased production of reactive oxygen species due to exhaustion of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants and increased lipid peroxidation are indicating extensive neurodegeneration in selective areas of CA1, CA3, DG, and cerebral cortex. This extensive neuronal damage results in alterations in behavior related to memory and learning."


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Significant increase in nose-ear-throat cancers seen in Israel

EMFacts - Within 1 year only: nose-ear-throat surgeries in Rambam hospital increased in 100%


More than 2000 surgeries were done during 2013 in the nose-ear-throat department in Rambam, 2 fold more compared to the previous year


The number of head, neck, and nose-ear-throat surgeries in Rambam were doubled within one year. According to the data of the nose-ear-throat department, the increase was registered mainly in oncology surgeries of the mouth, head and neck, larynx and children surgeries. Thyroid surgeries increased 380% during last year. Increase of 320% was in surgeries for removing tumors in the throat area (from 40 to 128 surgeries). Surgeries of the parotid gland tumors increased 260% in 2013. But the most impressive increase of all, is the increase of 1000% (from 5 to 49) in the number of head and neck surgeries.



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